CST & 1% for the Planet Launch Video

Cell Signaling Technology came to us, a fellow 1% for the Planet member, to create a video for their public announcement of joining 1% for the Planet. They wanted this to not only display their commitment and passion for the planet, but also to inspire their customers and vendors to take climate action as well.

As a life sciences company, they look at cells all day under a microscope and wanted to work that in as well as to get away from the sterile lab environments they work in to something more natural and raw like the outdoors. So, we used handdrawn animation techniques to capture the magic and took us from micro to macro to cosmos in going from a cell, to a seaside forest, to the blue marble (Earth) itself.


Client: Cell Signaling Technology
Production Company/Animation Studio: The Disruption Society
Design: Alex Johnson
Illustration: Héloïse Dorsan-Rachet
Animation: Héloïse Dorsan-Rachet, Alex Johnson

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