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WokenUp Manifesto Video

WokenUp is the place to tell your story of the action you are taking, and the impact you are making, on the causes that matter to you. To be inspired by discovering the action taken by others. To connect with opportunities to offer help and to seek help from others. To volunteer. To find opportunities to work with companies that share your values.

It’s the new global social network for those with purpose

Tell YOUR story of how YOU are making a difference, at wokenup.com.

“Wow. Alex, you are the consummate professional! You really “got” what we were looking for, instantly. You went the extra mile for us. We agreed challenging deadlines that pushed both you and us, which resulted in us receiving a video that (i) exceeded our expectations, (ii) was delivered in a short period of time and AHEAD of time, and (iii) was delivered on budget! You were a joy to work with, took our feedback on board, were respectful of our suggestions and provided insightful guidance.”

Simon Puleston Jones
Founder & CEO, WokenUp Social Media Network

“It is an absolute pleasure working with Alex. He has listened to our ideas, consider our own specific offering and has delivered a wonderful product. His ability to capture the scope and remain creative is brilliant. We cannot wait to work with him again soon!

I recommend Alex to any business wanting to share their offering in an innovative and clear way to wider audiences!”

Giovanna Jagger
Co-founder & Head of Business Development, WokenUp Social Media Network


Client: WokenUp
Production Company: The Disruption Society
Design: Alex Johnson
Animation: Alex Johnson
Sound Design: Alex Johnson

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