Plastic Waste Free July Campaign

We are beyond thrilled to share the culmination of months of hard work and collaboration: the official LAUNCH of the Plastic Waste-Free July interview series! 

We took Zoom interviews of each of the folks listed below and cut together 34 videos for the campaign. This also included intro graphics, a quote animation, and an end card, name and title cards (lower thirds), and Instagram-esque question cards, in both vertical and horizontal aspect ratios. We also added music and sound effects. Given the nature of interviewees all having different mic setups, we also had to repair some audio the best we could and normalize it for the recap video (featured here). To make sure these were accessible, we also captioned all the videos. 

Plastic pollution is a critical challenge to the health of our planet. So, we called on corporations, industry leaders, and environmental advocates to tackle one of the most pressing challenges of our time: plastic pollution. By leveraging the collective power of corporations, we can make a significant impact in reducing plastic waste and preserving our planet’s health for future generations.

Through a series of powerful 1-minute interviews, industry experts share their invaluable insights on the vital role of corporate action in combating plastic pollution and driving sustainable change.

Andrea Chase, VP of Corporate Responsibility at Arbonne
Erin Smith, VP of Herbal Science and Research at Banyan Botanicals
Jason Friday, Co-Founder and COO at BAR-U-EAT
Brian Ralph, President and COO of Bona Furtuna
Trey Vilcoq, CEO at BRIXY
Michael Benedetti, Director of Quality Clover Sonoma  
Greg Corra, VP of Global Packaging and Sustainability Colgate-Palmolive 
Denise Taschereau CEO of Fairware Promotional Products
June Findlay, Marketing Manager LOLIWARE Inc.
Mandy Pekin, CEO at MightyNest
James Roberts, CEO at¬†Nellie’s Clean¬†
Reem Rahim, Owner of Numi Organic Tea
David Simnick, CEO of Soapbox
Mike Forbes, CEO Safely
Shadi Bakour, CEO and Co-Founder PATH

This wouldn’t have been made possible without out our wonderful partners,¬†Julia Collins¬†CEO at¬†Planet FWD, Victor Casale Co-Founder at¬†Pact, and¬†Jake Hebert¬†Global Packaging Director¬†One Step Closer (OSC), and Anjali Mahadevia of Ampliphi and Plastic Scorecard.

Watch the entire series here


Client: Plastic Scorecard
Agency: The Disruption Society
Animation Studio: The Disruption Society
Creative Direction: Alex Johnson
Design: Alex Johnson
Editing: Alex Johnson
Animation: Alex Johnson
Producers: Ash Hutchison

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