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the disruption method

phase 1 - catalyst engaged, lightning strikes ground as character looks on in abstract sci-fi room

phase 1: catalyst engaged

creative direction, concepting & scriptwriting

This is where the magic begins—an electric fusion of campaign strategy, unbridled creative direction, inventive concepting & scriptwriting, and precise planning. Starting off this highly collaborative phase is a kickoff call where we dive in with targeted questions—don’t worry, it won’t feel like a test, we just need to pull out that genius of yours by asking things like “What do you want to be true that isn’t true now?” and “Who must act for this to become a reality?” This ensures we grasp your problems and goals from the get-go. This rich tapestry of information is then transformed into compelling concepts and scripts, setting your entire campaign up for radical success. Here, we also sharpen our focus on the film medium, style, and duration, aligning the scope with your timelines and budget. Equipped with our radical roadmap outlining the entire campaign and including concepts and scripts encapsulating the perfect messaging for your target audience, we’re ready for disruption.

phase 2: creative surge

voiceover, storyboards & styleframes

In this step, we give you a raw glimpse of the compositions we’ll bring to life in the next phases through sketched storyboards. Think of it as the blueprints of the rebellion (the good kind, like Star Wars) before it’s fully unleashed. We also sync these storyboards to the professional voiceover we source for you to let you feel the rhythm and pulse of the narrative, ensuring every beat resonates. Finally, we craft styleframes—a few pivotal frames that are honed to perfection, showcasing the final art style. This ensures we’re nailing the design aesthetic before we go full throttle on building the rest. This is where we lay the groundwork for a visual revolution.

phase 2 - creative surge, lightning stikes lightbulb in an artist's workshop.
phase 3 - impact accelerated, artist sits at drafting table drawing a series of storyboards which hang on the wall.

phase 3: impact accelerated

design & illustration

In this phase, we take the rebellion (once again, the good kind) from concept to reality. It’s where the approved storyboards evolve, transforming into a full-blown visual saga. We’re not just filling in gaps, we’re infusing each frame with the soul of your message guided by the stylistic beacon of the styleframes. This is where your film starts to take shape, a preview of the impending visual symphony. Here, you’ll see the contours of your campaign’s future—bold & unyielding—static, yet infused with motion.

phase 4: disruption animatum

animation & music

In this electrifying phase, static art morphs into a living, breathing entity by our experienced team of motion maestros. Each movement meticulously synced with the narrative, accentuating the script’s most pivotal moments. It’s a dance of visuals captivates, ensuring your audience is engaged from start to finish. Alongside this visual ballet, we’re carefully curating or composing a soundtrack that amplifies the message. By the end of this phase, your message transcends the screen and is literally and figuratively animated—brought to life. 

phase 4 - disruption animated, control room of animators are animating as 2 directors point to large animation on front screen.
phase 5 - impact unleashed, a young boy is propelled forward by the unleashed impact that was created.

phase 5: impact unleashed

sound design, mastering & delivery

In the grand finale, the visual symphony is punctuated with sound effects that add depth and dimension. We master the music, SFX, and VO together, every beat and every note is mixed to perfection and resonates with the clarity and power your message deserves. We end our journey with a final export of your campaign deliverables, verifying everything looks, sounds epic, and is organized and labeled so you are fully equipped to unleash your impact on the world. 

We hired The Disruption Society to help create an animated explainer video for a client. Alex was hands-down the most easy-going and detailed animator I have ever worked with. I HIGHLY recommend their services. From storyboarding to the final delivery, Alex explained every step in detail and his communication was almost instant (even though we are in separate time zones.)

The final product came out exactly as expected & the client was happy! I know for a fact we will be using Alex again.”

Mike McDonough

Co-Founder, Focus Forward Media

Wow. Alex, you are the consummate professional! You really “got” what we were looking for, instantly. You went the extra mile for us. We agreed challenging deadlines that pushed both you and us, which resulted in us receiving a video that (i) exceeded our expectations, (ii) was delivered in a short period of time and AHEAD of time, and (iii) was delivered on budget! You were a joy to work with, took our feedback on board, were respectful of our suggestions and provided insightful guidance.

Simon Puleston Jones

Founder & CEO, WokenUp Social Media Network

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