SCORE Anthem | Manifesto Video

“Over the last 10+ years, SCORE has been advocating for education reform across the state of Tennessee.  SCORE has realized that K-12 preparedness is not enough to truly impact a student’s life, and because of that truth, SCORE is aligning goals to focus the trajectory toward college and career-readiness. While we have always had a focus on the early education path, a deeper focus into the Tennessee post-secondary education journey – as well as the essential mile markers that take place in the formative years – is needed.

This video serves as a visual representation of SCORE’s expanded objectives, and helps revitalize and align policymakers and educators across the state. SCORE’s new focus is on programs that will provide support during the pivotal first year of college and encouraging better alignment between K-college

This video leverages animation in order to showcase statistics and big data in
tangible ways to make SCORE’s vision of the future of education in Tennessee
clearer than ever.”


Client: TN SCORE
Agency: SnapShot Interactive
Animation Studio: The Disruption Society
Creative Direction: Alex Johnson
Design: Alex Johnson
Animation: Alex Johnson
Sound Design: Alex Johnson


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