kin+kind Product Video Series

kin+kind hired us to create a Brand Anthem Video as well as an assortment of 12 product videos for their line of Organic Pet Products and we were more than thrilled to help out!

They wanted the series to look like we took your kids’ artwork off the fridge and brought it to life, so that’s what we did. We used hand-drawn illustrations with a traditional animation style to push into this direction.

Since creating these illustrations and videos, kin+kind has used these as a kit of parts to influence every part of their website, branding, and packaging design. Just check out their website or subscribe to their newsletter and you will see the style we created in every aspect of their brand. 

PS. We use their products on our little pup and he loves them.


Client: kin+kind
Production Company: The Disruption Society
Animation: Alex Johnson, Justin Brown
Creative Direction: Alex Johnson
Illustration: Lindsey Deschamps

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