Transformation | Soulside Healing Arts

A story of transformation experienced at Soulside Healing Arts, a yoga studio in Peoria, IL, founded by Hannah Ramlo. Hannah opened the doors to Soulside Healing Arts in June, 2018. As a teacher, Hannah works to deepen each student’s capacity to identify patterns and structures, both limiting and liberating. She seeks to guide groups with reverence for variety, empowering students to embrace what each moment calls for in their singular body. As a director, Hannah strives to uphold Soulside’s values of diversity, respect, empowerment, collaboration, and accountability. Outside of the studio, Soulside’s Yoga Corps program places trauma-informed yoga teachers in social service agencies and schools. We mitigate symptoms of trauma like depression, anxiety, and hypervigilance through nervous system regulation and mind-body awareness. Soulside also provides workplace yoga to increase concentration and decrease anxiety among co-workers as well as to attract and retain employees with a culture of wellness.

The Mission
Soulside decreases barriers to healing, health, and happiness by making holistic wellness practices accessible to all.


Client: Soulside Healing Arts
Agency: The Disruption Society
Creative Direction: Alex Johnson, Erin Sarofsky, Duarte Elvas
Design: Alex Johnson
Animation: Alex Johnson
Sound Design: Alex Johnson


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